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Corvidae Co-op

Architect: Allied 8


Allied8 (Co-developer and Architect)

Urban Black (Marketing and Sales)

Green Canopy Homes (Builders)


Columbia City, Seattle

Expected Opening

March 2024

Price Range

$210,000 - $600,000

$10k - $58k downpayment

Corvidae Co-op is a demonstration project in  the  heart of  the  Rainier Valley  that  can  offer  homeownership to populations who see no feasible way to purchase a home in their community. This project will seek to find homeowners from Rainier Valley through the City of Seattle’s Affirmative Marketing & Community Preference policy. 

Displaced households in Seattle have been systematically denied opportunities to accumulate wealth for generations. These disparities are in part a result of inequitable access to home ownership due to redlining, housing and employment discrimination and predatory practices in real estate and banking. The consequences of those disparities can be seen across the lives and experiences of families that have been displaced from the Central Area and Rainier Valley since the 1970’s.

Events & Updates

Special Session


August 23, 2023

11:30am - 1:00pm


image001 (1).png

We just finished pouring concrete for Corvidae Co-op and are starting framing!

Informative Session


August 26, 2023

11:00am - 1:00pm

Rainier Beach Community Center
9925 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118

Corvidae_Interior_20210209 v2_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 3.29.40 PM.png

Corvidae Co-op Principles:

  • Creative use of single-family zoning to generate 10 residences on two lots

  • Reduce purchase price and living expenses for each residence

  • Shared-equity co-op structure designed to balance individual equity growth with shared equity

  • Co-op to self-fund improvements over time and keep entry costs low

  • Shared central courtyard, common kitchens and guest suite that allow for communal meals & gatherings

  • Project site intentionally selected near a light rail station to promote the use of mass transit

  • Project can be replicated across hundreds of single-family lots throughout Seattle

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