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Corvidae Co-op

Architect: Allied 8


Allied8 (Co-developer and Architect)

Urban Black (Marketing and Sales)

Green Canopy Homes (Builders)


Mt Baker, Seattle

Expected Opening

June 2024

Price Range

$210,000 - $605,000

$10k - $58k downpayment

Corvidae Co-op is a demonstration project in  the  heart of  the  Rainier Valley  that  can  offer  homeownership to populations who see no feasible way to purchase a home in their community. This project will seek to find homeowners from Rainier Valley through the City of Seattle’s Affirmative Marketing & Community Preference policy. 

8 Sales Pending - Waitlist Spots Available

2 Homes Still Taking Reservations

Events & Updates

Open House
Showing Details

To be determined...

RSVP to for additional details

Project Gallery

image001 (1).png

A photo from the early stages of construction

A peek into the sight

Frolic Home

A recent photo of the site taken from the last Community Showing

Corvidae_Interior_20210209 v2_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 11.31.30 AM.png
Exterior From Anthony Place.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 3.29.40 PM.png

Corvidae Co-op Principles:

  • Creative use of single-family zoning to generate 10 residences on two lots

  • Reduce purchase price and living expenses for each residence

  • Shared-equity co-op structure designed to balance individual equity growth with shared equity

  • Co-op to self-fund improvements over time and keep entry costs low

  • Shared central courtyard, common kitchens and guest suite that allow for communal meals & gatherings

  • Project site intentionally selected near a light rail station to promote the use of mass transit

  • Project can be replicated across hundreds of single-family lots throughout Seattle

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