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Our Approach

We're creating something that the market doesn't - homes affordable to everyday people, in the types of spaces that we dream of living in.

Common house.png

Imagine living next door to your friends, with shared car-free space where you can garden, eat outside, and frolic. When you have visitors, they can stay in the shared guest room, and when you have parties or get-togethers, you can use the common house. 

frolic_Tegnebræt 1.png

Our projects start with homeowners on a mission. Many of whom dream of aging in place and living in community. Others see starting a Frolic as a way to help - to give young and old folks a chance to plant roots in a city that is currently pricing them out. 

Working with us, these homeowners become developers - leveraging the value of their land to build new homes and shape the future of their neighborhoods. 

Shared Ownership

Our ownership and financing model, developed at the Center for Real Estate at MIT, allows you to buy your home with down payments as low as $10k. This is done through a variation of a co-operative housing structure used for over a century in New York City.


Once you buy your unit, your total cost of housing (including mortgage, utilities, taxes, and insurance) will be between $1,700 - $3,500, depending on the unit you purchase. 


Condo Development
4 Town Homes


Frolic Co-op
7 units + Common House


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