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Corvidae Coop

A forested courtyard community perched on a hillside in Columbia City

Corvidae Co-op is our first project, expected to start construction in the summer of 2021. The project will have 10 residences of different sizes and costs, as well as a large common kitchen, dining area, and guest suite. Corvidae Co-op is nestled against the edge of the Cheasty Greenbelt, perched on a forested hill with close access to walking trails. It is a 10 min walk to Mount Baker Light Rail Station, and many small shops and restaurants. It is also at the base of Beacon Hill.

2 Studios
5 One-bedroom
1 Two-bedroom
2 Cottages
Large common kitchen + dining space
Small common kitchen + dining space
Common guest suite
Architect: Allied8
Estimated down payments : $10 - $35k
Estimated monthly expenses including mortgage and utilities: $1,700 - $3,400
Zoning: Single-Family

Project Gallery

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